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Aberdeen Solutions Ltd is an independently owned and operated company with over 20 years of exemplary service in the transfer, escrow, and corporate services industry. We are completely focused on our business and offer personalised services for every requirement. Dependability, trustworthiness, accuracy and a fast completion time are our primary ambitions. We have refined report-generating capabilities that can be tailored to match personal requirements. We guarantee complete consistency, and our charges are clear, straightforward and competitive. Our company has only one aim: customised solutions to fit your specific needs.


Aberdeen Solutions Ltd provides services to keep your business running smoothly.

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Aberdeen Solutions Ltd’s services include receiving stock certificates ready for transferring, inspection, cancelling retired documents and issuing of new ones as directed.


All transactions are recorded, examined for accuracy and compliance, and dealt with in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations. Shareholder logs are amended instantly through Aberdeen Solutions Ltd‘s computer systems.


We conduct all our escrow services in an unbiased, neutral way as an independent third party agent holding deposits or securities until the terms of the agreement are finalised. We offer escrow services for private placements, stock trades, titles and real estate.


Scrutinise and inspect the necessary documentation for “Rule 144” transactions, secure Company sanction of these transactions prior to new certificates being issued.


Warrant certificates are taken care of in the same diligent and detailed way as ordinary certificates. Whilst in the “exercise” stage, we are willing to accept the correctly completed Warrant certificates for exchanging to ordinary certificates.


We understand that continual communication with your investors is critical to cultivating positive relations for your company. Aberdeen Solutions Ltd will be that vital connection to those people and institutions that matter most. We would be pleased to organise the printing of shareholder communications. We print certificates in house and will help you with the management of your new documents. If you prefer customisation, we can easily modify to your own requirements.

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